Chip understands that.

Be careful. He's not an easy one to swindle.

He denied having met her.

There was little water in the well.

Carter decided not to answer the question.

You don't want to be happy.

I've always dreamed of owning my own business.

I'll just be a couple minutes.

You can't be a little pregnant.

He gave me a lift in his cart.

Maybe it was just a nightmare.


Clark is very angry.

Mike has a stress ball.

I shouldn't have backed down.

This is really nice!

You should arrive at school before 8:30.

Subdued girls are generally the prettiest I reckon. The loud, bustling ones are awful.

We'll take you with us.

She will have her own way.

Juliet passed away yesterday.

Do you know the reason which prevented her from coming?

Ima wants some privacy.

Everything's really cheap.

It's a matter of pride.

They operated an oil well.

No, I can't clean your house. It's too big!

Juergen isn't trying to be funny.

You have to get Blake help us.

Vaughn closed his eyes and fell asleep.

They gave me an offer that I couldn't refuse.

What would you tell Jeannie to do?

Is there an ATM around here?


May I look at your passport?

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Thanks for listening.


Clark said he was utterly exhausted.


I hope I can be a worthy student.

It won't be long before Straka gets here.

My kids feed themselves.

I feel dizzy.

I need to ask you about Jerald.

You took the umbrella.

Don't mention it to Randell.

Lou has to go to the hospital.

He is very clever and is not proud either.


He feels disturbed.

Keeping a horse is a big responsibility.

The wheat is ready for harvest.


Have you ever had your fortune told?


I'm not certain we can get tickets tonight.


How much would it be to rent this house?

I'm going to mail this letter.

Am I waiting in the wrong place?

He is quick to take offense.

That's quite another thing.

Men will not look at things as they really are, but as they wish them to be.

Liisa has the run of her friend's flat.

Glen ought to be reliable.

What are your thoughts?


His doctor advised him to give up smoking.

You should do your homework now.

All David wanted was to go home.

Have I arrived too late?

You can't make me love you.

We've been waiting for this.

Honzo won the race.


Developing his ability of speaking English, it seems, is his purpose of studying abroad.

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I'm not lucky.


Leonard was lying about that.


Your neighbors have complained about your noisy parties.

I just hope Liyuan takes your advice.

He was taken care of by a certain young doctor.

The state shouldn't get rid of civil rights, it should protect them!

He quit the company on the grounds that he was ill.

Little by little the car gained speed.

I'm a bit serious today, but please bear with me.

May I speak frankly?

They had two daughters, who became famous pianists.

It's just been awful.

A bow is no use without arrows.

She's younger than you think.

Our classroom is very small.

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It was the most beautiful sight that he had ever seen in his life.


I'll get Meg to do my work during my absence.

That hat cost fifty dollars.

They disappeared.

Some of them are healthy, but others are not healthy.

They were not invited.


It would be nice if there were more money.

The well-known 80/20 rules applies in that 20% of articles may account for 80% of the citations.

Irwin seems to be dissatisfied.

Jackye has a baseball card collection.

Is Jones your kid?

He is forever complaining about something.

You're probably expecting Monica to arrive on time.


We're in position.


Soccer (football) or rugby? Which one do you do?


One day in October, when Sadako awoke, she found her mother crying.

I don't get a lot of requests for that song.

You're doing great work.

A fire broke out during the night.

"Do you want to buy it?" "Yes."

"Life is a joint venture", both said and decided to marry.

The sickness has weakened your organism.

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Good speech is the outcome of education.

This sentence has no authors.

As a citizen of the world, I know ways of overcoming cultural barriers.

I brought the Georgian textbook back to Emily.

Your accent is very interesting.

There is a small pond here.

Matthieu nodded to me.

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My daughter is but a child.

She has preternatural powers!

A terrible fate awaited him.

He wanted the money back.

Here are a few examples.


Even if the performance is good, I still say we drop the project.

It is true of every case.

Tell Jenine to take his time.


Juri, I'm going to ask that you read me the letter.

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Will you read my essay and correct the mistakes, if any?

Pia drew a gun and shot Miek.

Company A is trying to play us off against Company B in a severe price-war.

He took it in his stride.

Has anybody here ever been to Boston?

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My husband is at a conference. Would you like to get some coffee?

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I am really worried about a friend.

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Let me read you something.

Who do you think is the smartest kid in your class?

Why did you want Jerald to leave?

I want to learn Persian.

I accepted his invitation.

Perhaps we should go to Boston next week to visit Sharon.

Tharen is a raw vegan. He only eats raw non-animal products.

He ended by quoting the Bible.

He drives a pink Cadillac.

We tried to cheer Irwin up.

You can't let Kelly suffer.

We should probably ask Jeannie first.

She knows the news better than her father.

I ran outside and the door locked itself behind me.

How much do you think Farouk will give me for this?

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Year 2011's most infamous expression is "Kebab murders".

Nate played the role of devil's advocate at the brainstorming meeting.

I love what you're wearing.

When she starts to cry, what shall I do with her?

Jerald left the house.

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Seenu still has a crush on Rajarshi.

He is proficient in literature.

Nothing comes easy.


He likes Italian food.

He devoted a whole poem to the blueness of his victim's eyes, which the two policemen read out loud to one another through hysterical, tearful laughter.

Senor Smith was announced as the new president.

The essence of a person depends on the influence of good or bad friends.

I wonder where he has gone.

The evidence corresponds to his previous statement.

Luckily, both of the drivers were wearing seat belts.

Do you think Rajendra is hungry?

I just wanted to make sure everyone was awake.


Vishal asked me about my mother.

Eternity exists. It exists here...

She's a perfectly ordinary girl.

Are you in love with him?

I just don't want you to catch my cold.

Lawrence was born near Boston.

I'm waitressing tonight.

Write down his address.

I'm a terrible swimmer.